Dance Unlimited: Boise City's Award-Winning Dance Studio

Are you searching for a dance studio in Boise City, Idaho? Dance Unlimited is the perfect place for you! This award-winning studio, directed by Christina Shell and Tamra Nefzger, offers classes for all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, Dance Unlimited has something for you. At Dance Unlimited, the goal is to enhance the balance, grace, practice, self-confidence, stage presence and self-esteem of each dancer. The studio focuses on developing technical proficiency in the dance style that interests students, as well as on promoting muscle and body development, self-discipline, balance, grace and self-esteem. In addition to regular classes, Dance Unlimited also organizes workshops, summer camps and parties. If you are looking for a safe, pleasant and positive atmosphere to learn dance techniques and skills, Dance Unlimited is the place for you.

With its experienced instructors and wide range of classes, this award-winning studio is the ideal spot to start your dance journey.